Friday, June 1, 2012

Phoenix Comic Convention and YOU!

Hello everyone and welcome to the mad-mad world of Nadine Brown and Mrs. Brown's Bath BakeryTM.  My most recent adventure included an escapade and trolop to Pheonix, Arizona, USA (for you international folks).  My assitant, Tricia Clark, also went and got to enjoy the wonderful splendor that is a con (short for "convention" for you norms... which is short for "normals"... which is short for -- you get the idea).

To be honest, we were set up a whole half day earlier than expected, Thursday (05/24/12)!  Pretty cool!  Cutie Craze, ran and owned by Michi-chan, was there too with her usual kawaii octopi accessories and icecream pop ear-rings (among many other things... check her out on!  I LOVED sharing a booth with her and her totaly adorable little sisters <3.  Mucha moe' for them all!

The awesome costumes included entrants from the "Zombie Walk" and the "Zombie Prom", Poison Ivys and Harleys abound.  The many faces of the Mad Hatter, Alice and the Red Queen were also to be seen.  Many a cute and classy Lolita fashionistas were around and abound.  We couldn't count the fall.  We just loved it all!  Save the screaming Zombie lady... she almost made me tinkle... ;_;.  I knew she was right behind me and I had seen her scare the bejeepers outta a few before me.  So when I heard her scream... I stood still with my back to her... "Not gunna look -- not gunna look... !" >_<  Alls I gota say... good job gal!

Our booth was directly positioned between the bathrooms, first aid and the concession stand. "$8.00 for a HOT DOG? Better be the best danged hot dog in town and the size of mah head for that price!"  It was the size of my head (which not counting poofy hair is a decent size), but I still decided to eat elsewhere.  No need to stay on the con diet, right?

I wish I could post pics of mah awesome booth, but alas, I forgot my camera.  If you got a pic of the awesome booth post it here and share the spotlight glare!  Tell everyone how much you care!

The funniest thing that happend when our first customer of the week tried to eat one of our mini chocolate chip cookies from our indiviual $2.00 sample sale cookie jar!  I just couldn't stop her in time.  I was describing to her and telling her about the product (a scrubbie) and while I was doing that she was smelling it.  Before I knew it, she had it halfway in her mouth! I screamed (scaring her into stopping... thankfully), "NO!"  Jointly embarrassed, she politely paid for the almost eatten wares and disapeared into the crowd.  I really MUST get a bigger sign!  So, if this is you - you lovely dear - reading this, I want you to know that you are among the 50% of customers that feel your pain.  Do not be at all embarrassed, you are adored!

The saddest, scariest and rejoicingly wonderful thing that happend this weekend also... I saved a life!  Yes, I your fearless heroin saved a life!  Minding my own business and resting my feet during a lull in the crowd (lolita shoes are killer on 4+ hrs of standing), my booth neighbor runs over to me in a frantic panic screaming, "Pass me a cookie! Pass me a cookie!  We got a downed diabetic here!"  Waldorf, Maryland EMS training and Tucson med school here I come!  Tell me my past experiences are no good, will yah?

Whilst screaming, "They'll do you no good, they're mostly SALT!  Here, take this!", I toss him a Tea Time Tremper: Sugar Scrub.  Thankfully she only took a tumble and didn't bang her head or incure any major injuries from her fall.  Our booth neighbor was a short stocky guy (my fave type, btw <3) who uses a wheel chair to give his hips a rest.  As soon as our diabetic hit he floor, he more than willingly gave up his throne for her! <3 <3 <3 SHILVARY LIVES <3 <3 <3  After making sure she was okay, didn't want or need medical attention, finding out that she had skipped breakfast because they were in a hurry to get to the convention on time and making sure her babies (two, of toddling age) and hubby were okay... I told my assistant to take over the table while I wheeled her to a table by the concession stand.

After making sure she was stable, I gave her a gentle but firm talking to about how vitaly important it is for a hypoglycemic person to EAT and that no convention or rushing out the door is worth her health or scaring her family.  She agreed and I let her keep the rest of the Tea Time Tremper.  She later came over, thanked and hugged me.  I am glad this had a happy ending, but it only highlights what I constantly tell you all about your health and how important it is to stay on top of it!  Don't make me havta save you, lol ^_- <3 !

Lastly, I had the most darling customer <3!  She came over to my booth after hearing me shout about my wares.  She heard my shpeal (not sure that's how you spell that) and purchased a mini-chocolate macaron.  The following day, she was literally GLOWING!  Her face looked so great!  She told me how much she enjoyed the macaron and that after all the chemicals and doctors appointments -- NOTHING worked as great as the Chocolate Macaron for balancing out her skin!  This is GREAT news as THIS very thing is part of what I work and live for.  To hear that the battle between dry and oily, chemicals and herbals has been won in just one morning's wash is a blessing!  I was so moved and motivated by her praise that we both were almost in tears of joy!

So, after a long weekend of hauking my edible hairspray (Lemon/ Orange Cake Hairspray to be exact),  amazing folks with floride-free frosting toothpaste (choc., mint and buttercream.  All just couldn't believe you could EAT it! lol. That's not it's prefered use, fyi.), assisting in solving the mystery of, "Where's that wonderful smell comming from?!" for and by passer-bys and Coffee Cake Crumble Scrub... we felt the love!  I got to play shouty-man, give and get hugs and Tricia got to use her Alice-like charms to showcase the awesomeness.  The big question on everyone's minds... "How did you do?"  We broke even x's 2!  ^_^ Smack dab in the middle of what we were expecting to get!  Not too high and not too low!  That's not too bad you know.

So thank you, you sweet geniouses, you rebel rousers, you zombies and cosplayers, you appreciators without regret and you whom over costume details fret.  Thank you you moms on the go and fashionistas in the know, you movers and shakers you awesome things makers.  Thank you to the proud and the bold, the young and the not too old.  Those whom's pockets are line with mold or gold, those who do not need to be told... YOU ALL RAWK!

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