Monday, May 7, 2012

Must Be Something In The Water

Hello! I normally don't post this frequently but there are just a couple of things that I am just DYING to tell you all about!  This month has some seriously interesting things.

Plant Jail:  The Botany Bandit

For some time now I have been in trouble for my crimes against plant kind.  Years in fact.  It may shock you to know that I am not *the* most patient person, and I am ashamed to admit that many a plant has suffered for it.

No more.  This spring I decided to get a jump on the urban gardening and take it up in earnest.  Driving my local garden store (a 10 min bike ride away) batty with questions that (I am sure) seems common knowledge to anyone else but me.

I purchased a single packet of organic bell pepper seeds and some peet pods that I was assured would take the death threat out of anything I may acost unto a seed.  I planted 6 pods and diligently watered all indoors, according to the directions given.  I went on vacation for about a week and when I returned... the little darlings had sprouted!

Proud of my work (hubby and son helped too <3 ), but I waited until the weather was stable enough at night and set them outside to adjust.  Two weeks later, and yesterday, our son (along with myself) prepared a small 1'x2' garden bed (lots of rocks and sandy/ clay-like-when-wet ground... torcher on a back DX ).  We repotted 3/6 and a friend (who is also growing starwberries and corn) recieved the others.

I had some organic fruit scraps left over from our lunch break.  So, we broke those up and made the start of our compost pile!  We added some bread also.

The name tags (shown above) are actually the possitive outcome from a negative occurance.  Kids will be kids, and so ours broke a plate trying to clean up from lunch that day.  He wasn't harmed.  I took the remaining peices and used them as pot labels!  Their color is also perfect as the white reflects light and the plants get lots of indirect light that way.  Being made of plaster, they conduct heat quite well too!

I specifically sought out for BPA free pots and had my mind set on organic clay pots.  Then my local gardener shop told me that they sold HDPE 2 pots (above) !  They only cost $1.00/ea and were easy to use.  I was so exstatic!

The clear box (bottom center of picture) is an experiment I am trying out.  I had lots of left over seeds, and even though it is a bit late in the season, I decided to see how well they would do inground rather than potted.  The clear box acts as a mini green house for the three pods I have under there.    To my amazement when I checked them later that day, the ground was STILL warms and moist.  Which, is good considering that's what bell pepper plants love.  I will be sure to keep you posted!

Our tuckered out ickle-man taking a much deserved nap... <3 kawaii!  This was his own idea after being in the garden all day.  Daddy took this picture.

I plan to continue watering throughout the season.  With any luck, we may make it to harvest!  July is only a couple of months away!
For more inspiration to start your own urban garden check out these great resources for no fuss gardening:

Back To Eden - Credit goes to The Organic Momma for sharing this film with me!

Urban Agriculture

The Organic Momma

Sister, Sister

I have been following this blog off and on for weeks now named, "Muffin Tin Mommy".  I started because I saw that my older sister was posting it alot on her personal page.  I am into baking and easy baking so I followed the tips and tricks from the blog from time to time.  Some of the recipies were quite good while others... just try to get it past our 7yo.

Mini Molten Chocolate Cakes with Mocha Sauce

Only today did I find out... its my SISTER'S actual own blog!  Shocked and amazed was I.  She runs it with two other super mom friends.

There must be something in the water!  So, please, check out her blog.  Then, come back here to give your totaly unbiased opinion!

Muffin Tin Mommy

Of Trips, Of Trades... of Therapy

Pheonix Comic Convention is in two weeks.  As I have mentioned, I will be sharing a table with Michi, owner of "Cutie Craze".  Am I nervous that this will be my first ever convention and not just but only THE biggest comic convention of our state of the entire YEAR?   Not *jerk*... a *spasm*... bit... *nervous twitch w/ non-convincing smile*.

Hold meh ;_; ...

Here's a preview of what the stock fridge, living room and store closet look like as we prep.

WARNING: If messes send you into a blind rage of panick and sudden urge to clean... avert your eyes.  You... will... cry.

My totaly stocked freezer... will get a bigger one once funds allow. 

The once suitable store closet...

Pile of Petit Four Bath Bomb boxes...

Living room disaster... and my husband's homemade medicine ball.  If you are a man, you understand the phrase, "Duct tape and spray paint solves all the problems." XD

It an't pretty but once I get my brick-and-mortar shop it'll run like clockwork!  I am no Martha Stewart or Julia Childs, it's true.  I am happy to be me.

So, that is it!  I hope you guys share some of your ideas and thoughts!  Tell me what you are doing and join in on the fun!  Leave a comment and tell me what else you'd like me to post about.  Thanks for reading!

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