Thursday, May 3, 2012

PBS Moments and You

Hello everyone!  I hope you all are well.  I wanted to take a moment out of this spring day to highlight a few things.  I hope you enjoy the PBS moment XD!

I become so happy whenever I see the general populous taking their personal care - and by extention their health - into (literally) their own hands. You are very correct in that skin absorbs. What is absorbed into your skin is absorbed into your blood stream. Your bloodstream is the super highway to all your vital organs. It's your vital organs that will be the first indicator of good or bad care. They are the front-line reactors to a battle for your health.

Ever notice that if you get a migraine (an boy did I ever get them) it has something to do with your nervous system being out of whack? That means something is disrupting it from doing it's job properly. Chemicals that are nevous system disruptors (such as formaldahyde, and petrol based chemicals) are the leading cause of such cases by extended and repeated use (Pantene anyone?).

I am not trying to deamonize any one company, just the chemicals these companies use. We use (as women) up to 20 different products a day - men 10. Most of the chemicals on the supermarket shelves contain carcinogens, endocrine disruptors and nerotoxins. Babies get doused all day (Jhonson & Jhonson) with wipes, lotions and sunscreens.

What happends to your petrol based bottles after they are emptied? Most likely in an overseas landfill where it will stay for up to 100+ years nearly unchanged from the day you took it off the shelf. Lets not get me into things that are designed for the dumb.

Though the shop doesn't look it, I take my responsiblity to my fellow earthlings seriously. I use solar powered energy (both in my home and business), recycled/ reused/ reusable/ recyclable materials. All of my ingredients are sourced directly from the organic/ free-range/ fair-trade/ cage-free farmers and shipped directly to me. I ALWAYS buy local when/ wherever available. The products themselves are reusable/ biodigradeable and compostable! From start to finish every thought has been put into the care of our products, customers and planet. In our case our tagline can never be more true: "Pampering yourself has never been sweeter!"

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