Sunday, December 11, 2011

As the mixer turns...

Hello my sweets,

The last two weeks have seen some great things:

Please welcome our newest team member, LaTricia Clark!  She hails from the great southwest, as do I.  Lover of all things sweet, fashionista and avid shoe wearer... LaTricia is a welcomed member of the Brown family!  Lets all cheer her on in her new apprenticship!

Lollipop Culture Shop had their Lolita & Accessories PartyCake Shop as well as Mrs. Brown's Bath Bakery were there fluffing up on all the sweets and goodies available!  We had a really good time!

Second up is the contest we ran on our page!  It was alot of fun.  I sent out the word to all you ovensitters/ facebookers that the page was only 3 people away from having 25 likes and that we needed help getting to our 25 likes mark.  So, we asked all of our ovensitters to spread the word on thick.  Oh boy!  How you all responded!  We made our mark in ONE DAY!  Currently we sit at 29 likes, and 28 people getting the juice on about the bakery.  I could not be prouder!  Thank you!  Please keep the love and support comming!

Third, I decided to make a contest to celebrate.  The winner would get a FREE Limited Edition Green Tea Facial Mask.  A lot of people participated with alot of good ideas!  I found it hard not to vote a few times myself!  There was a fierce voting battle bettween two sugary sweet girls from the very begining.  In the end, however, there can only be one.  So, CONGRADULATIONS to St√©phanie Bracke from Belgium!  Please look forward to your reward in the mail soon!

Fouth item on the list;
We have recieved two advertising opportunities from two lovely sources.  First up, .  This is a lovely auction site for lolitas who are/ want to be coin savy.  Looking for the perfect rare item?  Got a dear (pun intended) limited edition skirt/ blouse or cardi?  Wondering if someone is keeping your treasure in their closet?  Then, is for you.  FrillsRUs has agreed to place a specially designed banner on their page just for us!  To them we can only say, " <3 Thank You! <3".  Check it out:

Fifth on the menu;
Last post, I talked about a project between KawaiiPretty and Mrs. Brown's Bath Bakery.  KawaiiPretty does some amazingly cute decoden stuff, so I asked the owner if she would like to do a couple of tins for me.  Without further aideu:

This^ one has our pumkin pie tin (in the middle).

This^ one is our coffee cake tin!

As you can see, KawaiiPretty put a lot of hard work and dedication into making these tins look and feel just like the real deal!  Which make us here at the shoppe happy because, that is what we are all about!  I have been informed that soon the tins themselves (without their related contents) will smell just like they look!  These tins are great for gifts--even right after the yummy goodness inside them are long gone.  Or, if you wish, you could use these cute (kawaii) tins to store all kinds of sweet knick-knacks!  I just love the many things you can do with them.

The second adverting op I mentioned is with a internationally popular beauty and fashion blog, Opal Stevens.  Opal Stevens has been remarked as one of the most influential up and comming fashion/ beauty blogs the world over.  Her success, though recent as of the past two years, has sky rocketed from her humble 400+ followers to a gleefully boastfull 50,000 DAILY!  WHOA!  That's nothing to shake a stick at!!!  It makes my humble blog certainly stand up and take notice.

Whenever anyone was asked about Opal Steven's self-named blog, the only thing they had to say (paraphrasing) was nothing short the equivilant of, "Awesome, with a lot of awesomesauce on top!".  Ms. Stevens is quoted to be insiteful, respectfully opinionated and well researched.  Nevermind all my talking, check her out for yourself.

Sixth item on the menu;
New item!

This is some of the best stuff to come out of the shoppe since, well, ever!  This picture is showing it next to our coffee cake crumble tin to give you a good idea.  As always we ship in glass, 8 oz., corked bottles.  The photographer added some ribbon to put just the right festive touch!

Seventh on the menu;

1)  We have plans for a new addition to our Alice sets!  Introducing, "Mad Hatter's Tea Party Lucky You Pack".  This set will include cookies, creme, sugar and yes tea... for your bath!  Now everyone will be able to put on their very own private mad tea party!  I can give you no more details than this... you will feel absolutely spoiled!  Look for updates and announcements on our facebook page!  Be sure to check the shop regularly for it's release!

2)  We are working with a fabulous team on a new ecommerce site!  "What's ecommerce?", you may ask.  It's a shopping site!  "Don't you already have one of those?"  I did say "new" here sweeties.  The current site is just not up to the standards I have in mind for you all.  The new site will be easy to use, navigate and understand.  If you have any ideas as to what YOU would like to see on the new site, comment here below, or on our facebook page!

3)  I have managed to finally get proper frontside lables!  Here they are:

I am working with a beautiful woman named Sherri Willson, owner of "Designer Label Gal Graphic Design Shoppe", in southern California.  She is responsible for the beautiful label you see before you and we will be working on the ingredient and use lables as well.  In addition to this, she and I are currently working on a spring/ summer edition catalog!

Once the catalog is out, they will be printed only twice a fiscal year and only two seasons per print.  The first one will be as mentioned, spring/ summer.  The second one will be fall/ winter.  I really hope you will all love it!

Reserve requests will start on the 1st of January 2012 and continue until the official release date (yet to be determined, however, definately before the spring).  After that, more details will be provided on when/ how to get your oven mitts on this great item!  Keep reading here on the blog, tell your friends/ family/ associates and neighbors.  Feel free to email your reserve requests to , subject "Catalog Reserve Request".

As is the moto here, "Pampering yourself has never been sweeter.", we want our sweets of all kinds and walks of life to endure through the decades.  We love our trees and environment.  It has been in our design from the very begining to be as eco-savy as we can.  It is a little known fact that in the shoppe and our family home I use solar power for everything my family, business and I do.  In my opinion, we have taken enough from our earth.  It's time to give back.

Oh, but I do love the sound of my own voice.  Thank you for your continued support!  Keep being sweet.  This is your loyal and dedicated bath baker, Mrs. Brown, signing off.

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