Friday, November 25, 2011

Lots To Get Whipped Up About!

Hello again my sweeties!
November has proven a busy month, to be sure!  After the Brown family here had eaten their Thanksgiving Day fill of homemade treats and sweet meats, been tucked into their beds and kissed good-night I now finally have a chance to sit down and fill you in on the several scoops for this month!  So, here we go...

First up... lovin' from the oven!  Below, I have listed all of my recently baked and mixed  items, as well as their intended general uses.  Please feel free to visit the shop if you need further details.  As always, know your household and know yourself.  If there are any allergies to certain ingredients (topically or gastronomically) use caution where needed.  Now... on to the show!

Not as self-explanatory as the others, this Lucky You Pack includes any one flavor of my Holiday Rose Petal Cookies (as pictured above) along side my Coffee Cake Crumble Scrub.  This classic treat is well known in the UK as a holiday special.  Now everyone, the world over, can indulge in this festive sweet pair!

Individual Items

 This works great as a bath gel, bubble bath and shower gel.  This picture is of a custom order for strawberry, but it does come in any (and I mean any) color you can think of.  It has a nice Lavender/ Mint scent.  A little goes a long way.  I have caught Mr. Brown using this in his shower on several occasions.  One day, I took it and placed it in the supply closet.  My reward was hearing Mr. Brown fuss at me for "... moving *my* shower gel... ".  ^_^  Can't be too bad if a grown man goes looking for it!  This does well for normal to oily skin.

 Bath bombs, if you have never heard of them, are by nature a fizzy good time.  Once the water touches the bath bomb, they will fizzle like soda pop against your skin.  They soften your skin and are good if you have hard water (I live in the desert and this is a common problem).  These petit fours have an added punch of a sugar soak due to the topping I use.  They can come in any (and I mean any) color you wish.  This picture is of a recent custom order for pink and blue.  If you want a particular flavor associated with your color, just let me know!  Oh, and chocolate is always on the list, ^_~ !

 These (like the associated Lucky You Pack) come from the UK.  The edible, and preferably much better tasting version, is typically served with coffee or tea (all in good time my dears).  This, though edible, not very pleasant tasting but great feeling/ smelling and looking version works the same as my Chocolate Chip Cookies.

There has been one item cancellation.  The Pumpkin Cupcake has been sent to a happy home.  It was a limited edition treat and I am sad to see it go.  I typically do not bake cupcakes unless a special request has been made.  That particular batch was the result of my adventures in trying to make pumpkin bread.  Needless to say, it's back to the kitchen for that one.  Many of my morphed darlings are still in development.  I call them orphans, because like orphans they are unusual cases that need a loving home.  So, it is a happy ending after all.  Speaking of cupcakes, that leads me into the next topic of news!

There is a small avenue in my hometown named aptly, "4th Ave."  This avenue is locally famous for having the most popular and unique artisan and specialty shops.  One shop in particular is creating a buzz in one of my local social circles. 
This little shop isn't on the aforementioned famous avenue, but on a side street named, "7th Street".  Imagine traveling on 4th Ave., most usually walk, and seeing a shop named "Hippie Gypsy" on your left. 

Turning to the right on 7th Street would lead you to a cute little shop named "Lollipop Culture Shop". 

The shop's owner is a lovely lady named Alexsis (in the striped sweater above).  She recently opened up requests for kawaii ("cute") items, and wanted to see if anyone was interested.  I just couldn't resist!  We met and got together about my bakery.  She loved it so much that we agreed on a consignment deal on the spot.  Alexsis made an order of five of nearly everything in my shop!  That made for a busy 4 days and one extremely untidy kitchen.  My family was very patient with me throughout the whole ordeal.  Mr. Brown's sleep was disturbed many times, but he appreciates his green apple pie crumble reward, LOL!
However, I am very proud of the results for all the hard work!
The above picture is me in the shop with the very large order of baked goods!  You can see the Alice "Drink Me" as well as the Milk Baths (white, chocolate and strawberry), cupcake bath bombs with added sugar soak topping and many more Lollipop Culture Shop limited edition exclusive yummies!
The shop is currently having a Black Friday event this weekend.  If you miss it, there is another event "Winter Wonderland Lolita gathering and Accessories Party!" Friday, December 3rd, 2011 at 6pm MST.  I hope to see you there!
New items are coming out all the time.  One item in particular will be a Pumpkin Pie Filling Sugar Scrub!  The tin for this item will be decoupaged through collaboration efforts between Kawaii Pretty and Mrs. Brown's Bath Bakery!  It will look, smell, and feel just like a freshly baked pie!  This is news specific only to my oven-sitters.  Very hush-hush you know.  Keep checking into my facebook page and shop to see when it's available!
Pampering yourself has never been sweeter... or more kawaii!

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