Thursday, November 10, 2011

My First... Everything

Hello My Sweeties!

This is the first official blog post for "Mrs. Brown’s Bath Bakery™".  As such, this will be an introductory post.  I know these are usually boring, so I will get to the grit of it.

I am Nadine Brown, owner and founder of this deliciously disceptive shop.  I sell bath soaps, soaks, scrubs, scrubbies, bubble baths, hairsprays and whatever else you can think of that belongs in a bathroom.  These do not intentionally clean you, but do intentionally relax you from a hard day.

The way they look and smell is completely intentional.  What would relax you more than the smell of freshly baked goods and accompaning refreshments?  I know I instantly calm down at the sight and smell of chocolate chip cookies and milk.

I intend to focus the contents of my shop on old-fashioned bath/ shower remedies.   Your grandmother and even great-grandmother would have known to use these tried and true methods of relaxation, personal care and (by extention) beauty.  Not all of my products are of this nature, however.  I do put a small twist.

I use nothing but food grade, organic and natural (85% organinc/ minimally proccessed) ingredients such as:
baking soda
sea salt
organic food coloring (I make these personaly at home using a combination of berries and other food dyes)
organic seasonings

The list goes on.  I am not going to give up all my secrets that easily ^_- !

Yes you could eat them.  Though, your tounge would seriously question your judgement afterwards.  If you did injest any of them by mistake... rest assured that you, your loved ones and associated pets will only suffer a simple (but instant) moment of regret.  No ailment will come of it.  It's my personal guarantee.  Consider it a bounus.  I do say know your household and any alergies.  I do use chocolate and certain people/ pets have severe, death resulting, alergies to this.  So beware, and be alert.

We are so fortunate to live in a time where technology, ingenuity and out-right wit regins supreme.  We go no longer at snail's paces and the stress of it all can be seen clearly on our faces.  When you have too much on one end of the scale, you must counter balance.

With chemicals leaking into our every existance (plant, animal and human alike) it is a great relief to know that I can provide such a pure service and product.  All of the items in my shop (as well as their ingredients) are and can be backed and cross referenced with EWG's standards for safe cosmetics ( ).

Questions?  Comments?  Constructive?  Please leave them here.

Thank you again for visiting and hope your day was great!

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