Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Doing, glueing and renewing... the life of a Mastress Mischeif Making Marauder

I know it has been ridculously long time since I have posted.  "Better never than late I always say!"  Well it's late... love me anyways.

So here is the low down on what we have been doing here at the shop:

1) It's a girl!  Your maddening Mistress, me, had her birthday on Feb 26th, 2012.  It's not proper for a lady to tell her age.

2) We had a great and wacky week for spring break! Newest news: Our FB page now has 363 "likes" and 116 people are talking about us! Oh me! Oh my! How the foul time with wings doth fly!

We here at Mrs. Brown's Bath Bakery wish to warmly shake you by the hand. For now we will thank you for your kind well wishings and positive reinforcements! It has brought us great joy to know that our fun, useful and whymsical products could bring our customers and fellow crafters/ creators so much happiness!

We look forward to your continuing visits to our everchanging and unchanging madding shop!

3) I have begun to master the forboding thing named "Twitter".  It's on the list.

4)Shooting for new pics and products began as well as a new commercial.

5)We are now sharing a table with the wonderful Cutie Craze at Phoenix Comic Convention for 2012!  Come see us there!

6) I your fearless leader have posted to inform you of change. No not the stuff in your purse, pocket or wallet and most especially not that stuff in between your couch cushions. I am talking about the type of change that ha...ppens when something is done in a different way.

You, our faithfull, online and lovely customers have been so fourthcomming in your feedback that we feel an obligation to make changes. Changes such as the packaging for our Petit Four Bath Bombs ( Simply put, we are sorry. They are cake, not powder, and should be treated as such. We are working to correct this mistake and ask for your continued feedback, and patience. We have new packaging on the way, so have no fear!

Another change is the shipping company that we will be using from now on. We are patriotic, it is true, but that goes only so far when orders, your orders, are seemingly footballed accross the country in an effort to make it to your front door, dispite the condition it arrives in... for example. Our international customers too have experienced this. So, USPS, you are having issues. We will let you work out those issues alone. From now on, we will be using UPS. Please keep those shippment arrival feedbacks comming. Your support means all the world to us.

Lastly, we are working on getting proper sustainable and earth friendly packaging out for our "Brown's Best Butter - Body Butter". I know you have waited long. I promise you, it will be worth the wait.

7) A quick reminder of our "Earth Clean Machine" free be! Order on Earth Day and get our Buttercream Frosting Toothpaste in your order in any flavor! Pampering yourself has never been sweeter!

8) We have been asked about having "parties" for our products. I have always avoided the issue because I have a certain standard and image that I want to uphold for our little shop.

When "product parties" are mentioned, the image that comes to mind for me is one of women (some friends, some family and some a combo of in between) comming together -- check books in hand -- to drink, eat and buy merrily. There is always a person who stands at the front of the room with a professional looking display and sample items ready to be passed around for further inspection by the attendees of said party. At the end of the "party" the pressure slowly mounts to purchase something that no one really wanted to begin with, but are now socially guilted into atleast looking interested. Sounds fun, right?

This image is the very reason that I have avoided the entire "party" idea. I just don't see the sence in it. I don't see the people in it. I don't see the heart.

It is with regular requests from you, my lovely customers, and many others that I am even slightly considering the idea. If I were to do this, these are the conditions that I would need met:
 a) Enough people (10+) must be genuinely interested to actually attend such an event. This means that you guys will put it on your calander and make an effort (sans act of God, job and/ family) to actually show up!
 b) It must be fun. No presure just fun.

Now, what I need from you is feedback. Have you been to a party like this? Tell about your experiences (here below in the "Comments").

Are you interested in these kinds of "parties"? What would you want to see at a "Mrs. Brown's Bath Bakery(TM)" product party? What would you want to do?

At the heart of it all, I am really a down-to-earth kinda gal. I do what I do by the people and for the people and it's alot of fun too! So, speak up! Raise your voice and leave a comment to this post here telling me, your Mischief Maiven, what you need/ want. Your satisfaction is top priority... that will never change!

9) Customer suggestions are pouring in! Here's one that has been smackin' our spoon on the bowl and hard:

"... those tea baths are such a great idea! ... Would make a great idea for a party favor, such as a bridal shower.....should sell them... by the 25 pack =)"

Now, what we want to know are two things:
A) Do you want us to do this? (if so, just "like" this post)
B) What qty should we start out with?

Comments and suggestions are always welcomed!

Wheeew!  That was alot and I still left some out!  Thanks for checking in again!

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