Friday, June 28, 2013

An Entrepreneuer's Love

This one goes out to all my fellow home based micro/ small business owner parents.  Does it help to focus on one aspect of your life at time?  Especially if you are able to take turns?  Ever start working on a project, getting those good juices flowing when;

Child: "MOM!/ DAD!" *at the top of their lungs and with a note of urgency*
You: "Yes?!" *quiet growl of frustration*

Child: "I need help."
You: "With what?" *in as sweet a tone as you can muster*

Child:*child detects your not going to fly immediately out of your office*  "Hurry!"
You: *now think something dire has happened; fly out of the office to save the day, with wild parental eyes*  "I am here.  What's wrong?!"

Child: "I can't find, 'Teen Titans'/ 'My Little Pony' on the t.v.  Can you please help?"
You: -___-;#
I definitely feel like I operate in two modes. The balancing act is how to have my 8y.o. boy , and only child, understand that even though I am home, 9a-5p M-F, I am at work in the office. Often he comes in to me asking me to play with him, to tell me he is bored (despite his plethora of objects of amusement), or "When do I get to use the computer to play a game?"  Its both crushing as a mother and frustrating as a micro/ e-commerce business owner.

He would normally be in school during the school year, come home and do his homework while I worked. Then, we would be done and he would relax/ play/ read while I made dinner. Now that school is out, he is having coping issues. To ease him into the new routine (I was expecting adjustment issues), I have made a summer schedule. The first two weeks of his summer vacation are all his, giving him time to adjust and enjoy not having to go to school. I had my parents fly in for a visit and they stayed for a week and a half. Two more weeks of settling down, 4th of July celebration, then summer camp on the second week of July. The last two weeks of school-free time are all his with no scheduled events, before having to adjust to a new experience: a new school and having to walk to school. 
 I figure, I can't be the only mother/ parent in the world having to learn how best to manage home and office during the summer.  I want to know... how do you cope?  Have you managed and if so... HELP THE REST OF US.  I, myself, am buying a bath tub plug... tonight.

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