Monday, September 24, 2012

More Than Skin Deep

I hope you will all forgive me, but I think it is high time you all got a taste of the life behind the bakery.

Underneath all of the trips, cons, promotions, product advertising and sheer bragging... is a person (me) made of flesh and bone.  If you cut me I bleed.  This month, I have open wounds everywhere.

For two months I have had less than favorable sales, money to ship items has "gone to pot", customers rightfully justified with their frustration and my indignation at having to be the only one to understand what I am trying to do through my business.  Suppliers upset at my lack luster attitude have stopped ringing my phone.  Changing the world isn't easy.  Especially if you are thwarted at every turn.

So,  sadly I have been playing possum (laying low) from the business these past few weeks.  Sulking in my tear and sweaty brow ridden jeans.  It's a sad state to be in.

On a totally unrelated note, I run a charity for my church and have attempted many times to get proper help.  Thus far, I have one enthusiastic friend yet not the proper supplies/ tool/ equipment to carry it out.  I have since soundly stuck my head in the dirt, ostrich style, and decided to ignore the situation all together.  This is despite the hell I gave the elders and my pastor to start such a project.  I am a sad person to look upon right now.

I am waiting for my second wind.  Though, I do not know when it will be or where it will come from.  Though the thought has crossed my mind a couple of times, I am not ready to give in yet... just ready to bawl like a simpleton child over logical and fixable things such as spilt milk.

My whole inspiration to have the bakery is to reconnect people to the fun of their bathroom using simple ingredients from my home kitchen.  You may/ may not be surprised to know that I make everything, by hand and in my home kitchen.  It really is that easy.  Anyone with the passion, knowledge and know how can do this.  However, it is not anyone... it is me.

I am a 30 year old, stay-at-home mom/ wife trying to busy myself and "save the world" in my own way.  I have always been the purple sheep.  Even in the "out" crowd I stuck out more than violet neon lights.  Thank goodness my poor, dear sweet husband (Mr. Brown) has the patience to deal with me and my whims.  I am determined that this bath bakery not be another whim.

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