Monday, December 16, 2013

You Oat To Try This!

Homemade Oat Milk – Easy, Fast, Cheap — Oh She Glows 【from Next Browser】

Okay.  So I know that I have totally left you guys high and dry where blogging is concerned.   Sorry about that.  I will join the choir in the joint excuse used by anyone in the English speaking world this time of year:  "Its the holiday season... yah know? "

The new found resolution to being a vegetarian has also kept me busy.  Finding new sources of protein, learning about the variable gelatinous mass that is tofu and scrambled "eggs" (tofu) that won't send me reeling to the ER (A gastrointestinal allergy I was supposed to have outgrown as a child.  Adult "me" hasn't gotten the memo.)... has been a sort of reintroduction to the gastronomic world of "Good Eats" (hosted by another of the "Brown" name) for me.  Sara Gilbert released her book this year containing the topic of vegetarianism and veganism.  Two of my best friends have been veggie oriented for most of their adult lives, while I staunchly remained a happy carnivore.  Veggies on the side if you please.

I am finding that down this new road lies pit falls and stops that surely intend to keep me from the vegan path.  Namely, milk.  I love my organic, free range and grass fed milk.  I buy it like any earth conscious moo juice consumer:  in a glass container and in large amounts.  It is not that I remain blissfully unaware of the plant based alternatives.  Or, that I have no understanding of just how my moo juice is produced.  The fact remains that I just can't stand almond milk or soy milk.  I, also, do not see the sense in buying/ making the sugary alternatives when (for me) the whole point is to have a healthier diet.  I want to enjoy the natural flavors with as little added as possible.

Enter flax, keifer, rice (aka "Horchata" here in the SW) and oat milk.  I have tried all but keifer milk to date and I must say... me likey.   However,  both flax and rice milk leave me empty.  They just aren't thick enough for me.  Today, I picked up a container of oat milk.  I did this for two reasons; I couldn't find keifer milk at my grocer's and was too lazy to ask for help, and I had never heard of it before.

I read the labels, checked for the non-gmo and organic seals and finished my shopping.  When I got it home, I had a sip and was pleasantly surprised by its sweetness and rich consistency.   I purchased vegan gnocchi in this same trip and used the oat milk to make a cream sauce to go with it.  It was great to work with and a faster cooking time.  I found I added too much pepper to my sauce in my excitement,  but that a small swig of oat milk quickly remedies the flaming sensation in one's mouth better than cow's milk.  I am a believer.

However, at 2.99$ a quart... this makes for an expensive (all be it delicious) dietary change. What's an eco-friendly,  penny pinching fledgling vegetarian to do?  That is when I decided to look up more information on oat milk and I found the herein listed article on how to make your own.

The good news is its easy to follow, the ingredients aren't hard to find and you can tailor the results to your needs.  What's not to like?  Oh, and the author wastes nothing.   The left over pulp can be made into flour!  As a proud owner of a mesquite tree,  I can tell you,  that's an advantage any day.

Feel free to visit the link and comment here on your results.  If you have a better recipe or just want to share all are welcomed.  Happy money savings!

- Nadine Brown

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