Saturday, June 22, 2013

8 Odd Ball Months

So I have left you all flat.  Sorry about that.  Social media can reeeeealllly get a choke hold on you if you are not paying attention.  Sucking you in like the eye of a tornado.  Before you know it, you're kick up legs have all but shriveled from lack of use, and you have more cavities from drinking too much soda or coffee your eyes actually hurt when you breath.  I had to take a net-cation.

My net-cation lasted much longer than anticipated.  Ever the thrifty guy, Mr. Brown couldn't settle with paying "X" amount for this or that internet service.  It was all okay though.  Come February we were moving any ways and I had loads (litereally) of other things to think about.

All settled and moved in found us March.  Then April, May and as the weeks ticked on I started feeling the itch.  Reduced to my humble Qualcomm 3D querty fliptop cell phone as my only means to contact the largest library in the known world (the net), as well as my means of running the Bath Bakery and answering emails; I found my heart beating just a little faster at the thought of never getting back on again.

Miraculously, Mr. Brown was finally satisfied with a service that was inexpencive and could get his PS3 back on the net.  I breathed a sigh of relief... and greedily turned on my desktop.  Black screen of death.  I was almost mad.  I must have been.  I laughed through the entire time after finally breaking down and hiring a tech support person to fix the issue.  I had failed to plug the monitor into the right port.

Family came from out of state to visit for ten days.  Drinks, laughter, yelling, fussing, sight seeing and general things you do when such an event happens were all done.  I set to work.

Putting out new product, avoiding jail time (NEVER park in a border patrol parking lot.  Not even if the sherrif pulling you over for an outdated registration told you to.) and celebrating four years of blissful marriage became my priority.  Today, my priority is my website.  That has what led me back here, to my poor neglected blog followers.  I am sorry.

I was filling out my news page when I remembered, "Hey.  Don't I also have one of those bloggy thingys?!"  So, here I am.  Thank you for sticking around.

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